Historical Designation for Stratford Junior HS by Carmela Hamm

The Historic Affairs Landmark Review Board (HALRB) and the Arlington County School Board are working together to come up with a design for Stratford Junior High School that is respectful of the historic designation, and also meets the needs of the students. The Building Level Planning Committee is currently looking at what is being recommended as the design for the building. HALRB will be weighing in on the design, and hopefully the two will come together on a compromise of which design that they want, one that will satisfy the historic designation & the needs of incoming students. After that process it will go back to the Planning Commission, and then to the County Board. At some point during this process we want the community to give support, particularly at the Planning Commission & the County Board meetings. When these meeting dates are decided, an announcement will be put out requesting support within the community.

Several individual members from our community who were involved in the school desegregation case, and those who signed off on the initial letter to the County Board of Historic Designation have also been meeting with the Building Level Planning Committee (BLPC), the Historic Affairs Landmark Review Board and School Board members. They too have looked at the designs, discussed them, gotten clarification on what the issues are and compared the two designs with the School Board & HALRB, giving their recommendations on which design would best fit both needs. Others from HH/HVP have become involved since then, and have spoken at these various meetings.