From the Editor

Celebrating fall…a season of thankfulness. 

My dog Mini and I love to walk the neighborhood, especially during the fall. There’s nothing she enjoys more than the variety of scents found on fallen leaves and annoying me with her frequent stops to roll in their musty, messy loveliness. And what dog doesn’t enjoy the chill of a frosty morning --a break from the relentless sun and sweltering, humid days of summer. 

Fall also brings to mind brilliant colors of changing foliage, harvest foods like crisp apples, saucy, spicy pumpkins—and of course, the one time of year that offers a cornucopia of sports--the World Series (alas, my beloved Cardinals left the playoffs early forcing Mini’s Cardinals t-shirt into early retirement), hockey and football! 

Speaking of football, although the Redskins may continue to disappoint, High View Park enjoys its own football tradition with a neighborhood game held in the park on Thanksgiving Day. What a wonderful way to burn off those Thanksgiving Day calories before you sit down to dinner! Why not check out this year’s event, at least from the sidelines, before feasting and then sleeping it off. 

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves--there was much to celebrate prior to Thanksgiving, including the annual Halloween party, and other events that remind us of the rich diversity the neighborhood has to offer. 

In this issue, we’ve started covering local residents: newcomers to the neighborhood, our furry pet friends and their people, and a special memorial for a beloved resident who recently passed. 

The holidays reminds us of how lucky we are to live in High View Park—rich with history, tradition and strong community ties. During the bustle of this season, take a break, pause and be grateful for all that is right here. 

Thinking about the holidays reminds me of food. It’s the perfect time to start recipe sharing. Do you have a holiday recipe you’d like to share with your neighbors? We’d love to feature it in this newsletter. Or perhaps you have other ideas or story contributions. All are welcome! Simply e-mail me at or catch me as I’m out walking with Mini. Have a wonderful holiday season. 

Suzanne Brach