President's Message


November is a full month and included an important election. Thanks to those who took time to cast their votes. 

Although there were no national offices on the ballot, this election was an important one for Arlington residents. Most notably, there were contested seats for two of the five county board seats. This means that albeit a “sleepy election,” it was an important one as it determined the makeup of the County Board. The Arlington County Board will likely determine the outcome of the following two issues that matter to residents of Hall’s Hill/High View Park in the near future: 

Fire Station #8: The Arlington County Board recently voted 3-0 to form a community task force in response to concerns from residents who do not want to lose a fire station in our community. The Arlington County Board has five votes, but two retiring board members abstained from voting and both retiring board members said that involving the community via a task force was not necessary. The remaining County Board members noted that our opinions were heard and these opinions matter. 

Clearly, it is important to keep reminding these board members of our priorities after this election cycle in order to keep our Fire Station #8 in its current location. The community task force is an important victory for our neighborhood. 

I-66 Expansion and Tolling – Inside the Capital Beltway, VDOT plans to implement tolls going both ways during the morning and evening. This essentially is a plan to move more people, more efficiently, in and out of DC. However, a side effect of this expansion plan may be increased traffic on Lee Highway, Washington Boulevard, Wilson Boulevard and Route 50. Also, this proposed expansion may cost more than anticipated. The County Board stands to conduct a vote on whether to endorse the plan by VDOT on November 14, 2015. 

Finally, this is the month of thanks. Let's give thanks and appreciation to those who have made a difference in our lives. As we all share two things in common, life and death, let's try to live fully and keep our hearts free of unnecessary stress. 

Alexandra Bocian