Calloway Cemetery Beautiful Project Advances

By: Suzanne Brach

Representatives from the Neighborhood Conservation Advisory Committee attended the Nov. 18 HVP Civic Association meeting to update members and attendees on plans to enhance the Calloway Cemetery for the Calloway United Methodist Church Local Historic District.

As background, the cemetery dates back to 1891, houses 100 graves including a Civil War soldier and a number of former slaves and is protected by local historic district guidelines. According to County Representative and project lead Tim McIntosh, the planned budget to enhance the property is $129,000. Enhancements include installation of a steel perimeter fence with gates, an interpretive sign, a bench for seating and a trash receptacle.

The Civic Association members voted to approve the proposal which will allow Arlington County to move forward with funding. The Neighborhood Conservation Points Committee will continue discussions on the project at its November 24 meeting followed by a funding discussion on Dec. 10. Stay tuned for further updates.