County Board Endorses I-66 Tolls

By: Patrick Thompson

The County Board on November 19 adopted a resolution endorsing the proposed changes to I-66 inside the Beltway known as the “Transform 66” project. Those dissenting included John Vihstadt (I) and Libby Garvey (D). VDOT has estimated that residents could pay up to $17 in tolls to drive from Falls Church to DC.

Fairfax County endorsed the proposal in October, while Loudon County passed a resolution of opposition over the summer. Some moving parts to the plan include: when HOV limits will rise from 2 to 3; when or whether an additional lane will be added inside the Beltway; and any future actions aimed at mitigating neighborhood impact. The plan is continuing on its proposed timeline, which will see the construction of toll gantries (5 total inside the Beltway - one between Glebe Road and the Roosevelt Bridge) in 2016, and imposition of tolls starting in summer of 2017. 

As the toll was a focus of many races for the Virginia Senate and General Assembly, it is unknown what impact the election may have on actions in Richmond. How those legislators who took a firm position on this debate will act in the next session is certainly something to watch and will be reported as facts are known.