Snowmageddon 2016

Neighbors, we hope you all have weathered this historic blizzard well. As you know, this year marks the historic 150th Anniversary of the neighborhood. There will be events all year to mark this milestone, but "Jonas" decided he wanted in on the festivities as well. Arlington received a historic 28.5 inches of snow in just over 48 hours this weekend. 

The crystal clear blue sky that greeted us this morning was like a lost package that finally arrived. After being confined indoors, many residents donned their boots, coats and gloves to hit the "slopes" a.k.a. streets. 

Most of us have been buckled down indoors since Friday, but today marked clean up and shovel out time. Please be mindful of residents unable to shovel out the nearly 3 feet of snow that's likely piled up to their front door themselves. The Handyman committee led by Association Treasurer, Peggy Jones, was formed for times like these. If you have time tomorrow to assist in snow removal please contact Peggy at

This is "Tyson", we've never seen him quite so happy. 

This is "Tyson", we've never seen him quite so happy. 

We are a remarkable neighborhood that knows how to show up and help out when it really counts. If you have any stories to share from Snowmageddon 2016, we'd love to hear about it in the comments section below. Also, we'll be making a Facebook photo album to document this historic weather event. Please send your photos to A photo from our last blog post (Last Night on Lee Hwy) was featured on CBS Evening News.