Heard on the Street

A local barbershop is always a cradle of information. Moore’s Barbershop is an Arlington landmark and much needed service for us guys. I visit on a weekly basis to get a haircut, beard trim and insight on the minds of my fellow men. 

In my most recent visit, word in the shop was all about Snowmageddon, but how could it not be? Resident barbers Jim and Clay are masters of cosmetologist and leading great conversations. As usual the patrons and opinions were diverse: a retiree, a Wakefield High student, a 40’s-ish professional and yours truly. Despite the age variances consensus was clear, “too much snow”, “too few plows”, but “not much else probably could have been done.” 

We’re all quick to say the County coulda-shoulda-woulda have done whatever, but this was a historic blizzard. All things considered, we survived fairly well. Yes, we all needed to get back to work. Yes, the students needed to be back in school. And yes, those not physically able to shovel three feet of snow needed help. This is what we did.… 

Neighbors helped commuters passing through on Lee Hwy get up the hill, others not willing to wait for the plows banned together to shovel entire streets, and even more helped those not able to clear driveways and sidewalks. That’s a great community. That’s High View Park. We can all agree on that.