Your Volunteers In Action--Committee Focus: Membership

Note from Editor: We’re making this a year to volunteer! To help residents better understand HVP needs and volunteer opportunities, HVP News will highlight Citizens Association committees, their achievements and needs throughout the year, starting with the Membership Committee. 

Membership is the lifeblood of our civic association and is made up of residents, businesses--people like you! The more we can grow our membership and involvement in the community, the greater our influence on issues important to us. See below for a quick take on our Membership Committee.  Thanks committee members for all you do!

Committee Members:  Stephanie Derrig (chair), Sherry Young and Barbara Carter

Quick Stats:  Total HVP membership in 2015 was 409, growing from 50 to 400 over the year, indicating tremendous engagement from the community.

2016 YTD Members (As of 1/27/2016):  188, with many 3-year membership commitments.


  • Implementing operational process and procedures and documenting activities, eg all membership is now stored electronically minimizing duplicate members and providing basic contact information. 
  • Conducting 3 elections last year, a huge undertaking, and creating and documenting the process.
  • Drafted a committee charter, detailing processes and budget (currently awaiting Board review).  


  1. Target of 400 members
  2. Finalize the committee charter, including the sample budget.
  3. Contribute to bylaw revisions for membership. 

Notable Activities and Tactics: 

  • Soliciting members and committee volunteers via newsletter. 
  • Renewal membership campaign, via e-mail.

Volunteer Needs:

  • Outreach:  Anyone who can speak with neighbors to solicit memberships; meeting greeting, helping to sign people in at meetings and gather any updated information, collect memberships. 
  • Data Processing: Processing memberships with welcome letters, receipts, and spreadsheet management; Election Day help to work doors, sign in, preparation of materials.

If you have these skills and want to support a growing Committee to further our neighborhood’s interests, contact Stephanie Derrig at