Message from the President

March brings the hope and promise of spring, and in that spirit, there is also much hope in the neighborhood regarding activities and progress around important issues, specifically:

Fire Station 8

The Task Force has commenced with its important work on deciding the future of Fire Station 8.  See the related story in this issue from one of our Task Force members, Rodney Turner.

Virginia Hospital Purchase of Edison Complex: Meetings were held in early March to discuss issues related to development of this property slated for 2018. Please check for more information as the story develops.

Association Bylaws:  The HVP Citizens Association Board has been working hard to revise our current bylaws to more accurately reflect current needs.  We’ve highlighted the work of the Bylaws Committee in this issue.

Neighborhood Conservation Advisory Committee:  Recently I was elected Vice Chair of the Neighborhood Conservation Advisory Committee (NCAC). As background, the NCAC is comprised of representatives from 48 of Arlington County’s 57 civic associations, leading the development of neighborhood plans and recommending neighborhood-initiated capital improvements for funding by the County Board.  For instance, improvements include sidewalks, street beautification, pedestrian safety projects, street lights and parks. Each community in Arlington that participates in the Neighborhood Conservation (NC) Program has a NC Representative that serves as a liaison with County staff in the development of a neighborhood plan. Jon Glassman is our representative and chair of our new HVP committee. The plan ultimately reflects the desires of the community as a whole, and this new role will give us an important voice for High View Park.

Association Membership:  We continue to focus on building our membership ranks. If you’re not a member, this is the first step toward improving our neighborhood through greater community engagement, so please join! If your membership has lapsed, we encourage you to renew, get involved and help make our neighborhood the best place to live.  If you are a member, take a few minutes to encourage your neighbors to become one as well.

We can make a difference on issues of importance to us--Fire Station 8, Lee Highway improvements and more---through membership and community involvement. I hope you’ll join us in this important work.