Committee Focus: Association Bylaws


By Long Westerlund

Note from Editor:  Bylaws may not be the most exciting topic, but they are critical in that they are fundamental to the work of the Citizens Association. Thanks to all the Bylaws Committee members and volunteers who are giving their time, dedication and expertise to this effort.  

Over the past few months, a group of volunteers has been making progress towards a draft of the Bylaws for the High View Park Citizens Association. After several revisions, the draft is being edited by many in the community with a goal to be circulated to the general body of the Civic Association for review and debate in the near future (slated for April). Once this process is complete, the general body of the Association will then vote to ratify the Bylaws.  

The Bylaws Committee is addressing major issues such as by-laws research, internal communications with the community, and contacts with other civic associations regarding their best practices with a goal to build a stable process for community participation.  

Noting that the process involved multiple points of input, HVP Vice President and By-Laws Committee Chair Long Westerlund said, “What started as an editing process has become a shared community effort, which is positive and encourages engagement.”

HVP President Alexandra Bocian supported Westerlund’s comments, “I want everyone to have a role and say in the process. It’s good for the community and for membership.” 

If you would like to participate in drafting and editing the HVP Bylaws, please contact Long Westerlund at You can view and comment on the draft Bylaws at

Please note that the deadline for bylaw comments is March 25.