Time Capsule: Return to Stratford

Source: USA Today

On February 2, 1959, four African American seventh-graders entered Stratford Junior High School, marking the beginning of the end of the Commonwealth of Virginia’s practice of public school segregation. 

On Feb. 2, 2016, all four of the original integrating students returned to the Stratford Building, now home to the H-B Woodlawn Secondary Program, where they were honored in a special evening, “Celebrating Arlington’s History Makers.”

Students who integrated Stratford Junior High School in February 1959

  • Michael Jones
  • Gloria Thompson
  • Lance Newman
  • Ronald Deskins
A Community Conversation While many of the school, community and family members involved in Arlington's historic struggle are no longer living, we are grateful to have several of the students and representatives of our community share their memories of that pivotal time.