Volunteer Spotlight: Kristin Adair

Note from Editor:  Kristin Adair has been generous in devoting her photography and editorial skills to our Communications Committee. Her talents and time are appreciated and greatly enhance our efforts.

Volunteer efforts: Photographing events around the neighborhood for the newsletter and website. 

Neighborhood Experience: Kristin is a HVP “wannabe,” living just across the border on 16th Road near Edison Street since 2008. While exploring the neighborhood on long walks, she became interested in the history of Hall’s Hill and started reading about the past as well as photographing the present of her “adopted” community. 

Other volunteer efforts: As a documentary photographer and graduate student in multimedia journalism, Kristin’s skills are in demand. She also has a background in non-profit advocacy and community organizing, using her skills to teach photojournalism to youth in Haiti and Washington, DC, as well as creating and teaching a mindfulness and arts program in a juvenile detention center in Alexandria. 

Why she volunteers: Kristin loves stories and seeks to understand perspectives on the world that are different than hers. Her curiosity revealed itself in childhood when she asked lots of questions. After college, Kristin attended law school and has returned to school to study multimedia journalism realizing how vital questioning and storytelling are to advocacy and social change. 

Kristin hopes to continue exploring Hall’s Hill/High View Park, past and present. She continues to meet, interview and photograph people who make up the faces and voices of this community!

Get in touch: Kristin@kristinadair.com // www.kristinadair.com