High View Park Project Update


The High View Park construction date has been revised. The Department of Parks and Recreation and Purchasing plans to provide the County Board with a construction contract for approval at the Board’s July meeting. Assuming contract approval, staff anticipates construction to begin in August or September.  

Additionally, the project scope may change due to possible increased costs for storm water management. Three items for the High View Park Project are now listed as "add-ons/maybe" depending on the bids: the path and stairs at the outfield near N. Cameron Street; the informational kiosk; and the overhead structure for the stage and seating improvements. 

To request facility reservations for use of the park before construction starts, contact Facilities Scheduling or go to parks.arlingtonva.us and search facility rentals.

For more information, sign up for project updates on the High View Park Project page; or visit parks.arlingtonva.us and search High View Park project. For answers to questions, contact Aaron Wohler, 703-228-7928, awohler@arlingtonva.us