Message from the President

By Alexandra Bocian

It’s hard to believe with all the cold rain of May, but summer is finally upon us. This is our last issue of HVP News for 2016 before a brief summer hiatus. It’s been an eventful year of activities and accomplishments for our neighborhood, some of which are highlighted below and detailed further in this issue.

JMLCA Bylaws: The bylaws were presented and approved by members attending the May Citizens Association meeting.  Thanks to all who contributed and worked hard to revise. Next step is to prepare materials to apply for nonprofit status, one of the motivating factors for revising the bylaws. For more information or to review the revised bylaws, visit

JMCLA Officers Selected for 2016-17:  At the May 25 Citizens Association Meeting, the slate of officers for the upcoming year was presented. As no alternative candidates were submitted, the officers were voted on and approved by members attending the meeting (according to Roberts Rules of Order which was used as our standard parliamentary authority since it did not conflict with specific provisions of our Bylaws). This means we will not be holding a general election as originally planned, and the June 22 meeting will be a regular business meeting, the last one until September.

2016-18 Officers:    

  • President Alexandra Bocian
  • Vice President Jon Glassman
  • Treasurer Peggy Jones 
  • Secretary Edith Gravely
  • Assistant Secretary Raquel Cordero-Page 
  • Delegate Ayanna Brown
  • Delegate Patrick Thompson
  • Delegate Long Westerlund

Arlington County Board Election:  Don’t forget to vote on June 14, 2016. What happens within the county affects us all, so make your voice be heard through your vote.

Fire Station #8:  Having won the battle with the Task Force recommendation to keep Fire Station #8 in its current location, we eagerly await the Board’s decision in July 2016.

Membership:  If you’re not a member or need to renew, I hope you’ll take some time to do so now. We need everyone’s involvement to make our neighborhood the best place to live for every resident. It’s simple to become a member. An application is included in this issue; or you can visit and join online. I suggest a 3-year membership so you have one less thing to remember next year.

All of these topics and more are expanded upon in this issue. I hope you enjoy reading it! While on break, visit our Facebook page to stay current. Hope you have a wonderful summer!