Fire Station #8 Update

The County Board recently approved the purchase of the final property, 2215 North Culpepper Street, needed to build a temporary fire station directly behind Fire Station No. 8. The County had already approved agreement of sales for two other adjacent properties needed for the project.

The purchase paves the way to build a new Fire Station No. 8 at its current location, as recommended by the Fire Station No. 8 Task Force. Funding for the project was included in the Fiscal Year 2017-2026 Capital Improvement Plan (CIP).

With the purchase of the 2215 N. Culpepper Street property, the apparatus bay will be directly adjacent to the temporary fire station, which will be housed at the 2217 N. Culpepper Street existing property. This will decrease response times and construction costs. The purchase also allows for more flexibility in the construction of the new station and will decrease constructibility issues, construction times, schedule delays and safety risks. For more information on the purchase, visit the County website. Scroll down the Agenda for the January 28, 2017 County Board Regular Meeting to Item No. 28 to read the staff report.