New Kid on the Block

Meet Katy Irene St. Marie

“New Kid” Katy St. Marie has been around….originally from Texas, she has lived in Silver Spring, Maryland, Blacksburg, Virginia, the Bronx, Pittsburgh, Michigan and most recently Kansas before moving in with her friend Nene and other roommate Hilaria on Cameron St. in High View Park.

Katy holds Bachelor’s degrees in Philosophy and Theology and a Masters in Religion and Religious Education. She also has an Associate’s degree in Medical Office Support. Her many professional posts include Campus Minister at Belmont Abbey in North Carolina and a similar stint at Virginia Tech, administrator for an early childhood education center for low-income working families, and hospice care. However, this diverse professional calls her current work as pet sitter her “dream job.”

Katy, a homemaker for 30 years, has two children, Michael and Rose, and four grandchildren.

A favorite memory is lunching with Oprah Winfrey at her home in Colorado in honor of Stedman’s birthday.

When not working, Katy enjoys spending time with her house companions, particularly outdoors in the garden. She loves High View Park, and finds her neighbors warm, welcoming and friendly.