Remembering Tani Adams

By Feven Woldu


Tani Adams was a woman full of life and service and the epitome of a great neighbor. Born in Guatemala, she graduated in Art from the University of Texas and earned her Master's degree in Social Anthropology from the University of Chicago. She worked tirelessly to bring awareness to the struggles of people from her own country and the entire Central American region. Her work focused on the challenges posed by chronic violence to human development. Among her achievements are the founding of Greenpeace in five Latin American regions. She is the author of a large number of scientific publications on ethnic relations and the environment.

Living in our community for 7 years, she made an impact in the lives of people around her especially her immediate neighbors. She encouraged civic involvement from our growing Hispanic neighbors even serving as a translator at some of the association meetings and events. She was a devoted, loving mother who committed to being present to her two children, Ariel and Nico even while battling cancer.