Traffic Calming Study

By Alexandra Bocian 

JMLCA and other nearby neighborhood associations are collaborating with Arlington County on completing a traffic calming study to focus on areas of concern: George Mason, Culpepper and Lee Highway, to name a few.

In December, my husband, Eric, toured our neighborhoods with several residents and reps from Arlington County’s Transportation, Engineering and Operations team. We were very limited on time and I want to make sure we were able to capture the concerns for traffic in our neighborhood. We now need to collectively document those concerns, their locations, where to monitor, and what changes we’d like to see. Please submit a brief description of your street and your concerns for inclusion in a collective document to ensure your concerns are captured. The executive board will consolidate and refine the document for your review prior to submitting to the county.

On a related note, some believe much of our traffic concerns are being exasperated by WAZE re-directing traffic into the neighborhood. If you have evidence to support this case, let me know. Although, I’m not sure this is something Arlington County can address, let’s research it.

Thanks a bunch for being part of this! Please email either or