VHC Expansion Update


By Tracy Greiner 

The Virginia Hospital Center (VHC) continues to work with the community Task Force, comprised of members from the surrounding three civic associations to formalize plans for the Edison Street Complex Property. VHC has identified two areas in need of improvement that utilization of this property can address:

  1. Shortage of hospital beds: VHC is short hospital beds to house patients from all areas of the hospital. In order to create space for these beds, it was determined that consolidating all of the Ambulatory services (out-patient services) to the future Edison Street Complex would create space in the current VHC building for those beds. VHC wants to design and construct a 140,000 – 180,000 square foot Ambulatory Services building.
  2. Parking: VHC acknowledges lack of parking on their property causes too many visitors and staff to park on the residential streets. As an additional 2700 parking spaces are necessary to meet demand, VHC wants to build a garage structure on the future Edison Street Complex.

VHC has hired the Hammes Company to handle the project and they will be hiring architects, assisting with site plan development with Arlington County and will oversee future construction of the Edison Street Property. They are hoping to start the Site Plan application with Arlington County by May.

VHC and the Hammes Company seek community input on the design of the structures on the Edison Street Property. There are two opportunities for you to engage in that process: Attend the February 22 Full Body Meeting of the John M. Langston Civic Association and provide your input to members of the Task Force; attend a meeting of all three civic associations on February 27, 7 pm, in the Hazel Auditorium at VHC.

We hope to see you at one or both of these meetings.