Virginia Hospital Center Task Force

By Tracy Greiner

Finally! What has felt like a long time the potential redevelopment of the Edison Street property is slowly moving forward and will be developing to a fast pace.

If you are not familiar with the Edison Street property it is Arlington County’s property that at one time housed some of the County’s Mental Health Services. The land is boarded by George Mason Dr., N 19th St., N Edison St. with 1 side adjacent to Virginia Hospital Center (VHC). The Hospital entered into discussions with the County about acquiring the property, and in late 2015 a Letter of Intent was signed by the County Board and VHC. At this time Arlington County is still the owner of the property and is currently leasing a portion of the surface parking to the Hospital.

Many steps are still needed to be addressed before the land deal is completed. The County has until May 2017 to notify VHC if they want to do a land swap and or monetary compensation for the Edison St. property. The Hospital also needs to obtain State permission to expand. The popular Head Start program holds a lease until 2018 for the building they are currently housed in and will need to be relocated. There is a timeline that is not set in stone by any parties, but if all is approved, construction is still slated to start in late 2018.

In 2015, the three Neighborhood Associations (John M. Langston, Waycroft-Woodlawn, and Tara Leeway) that surround the Hospital formed the Virginia Hospital Center Task Force to work with both VHC and Arlington County to help with the redevelopment of the Edison St. property. In early 2016, VHC and the Task Force held several meetings seeking community input of the positives, negatives, and potential likes for the property. This information from the communities, the hospital staff, and current conditions of the hospital campus, will assist VHC to develop a conceptual plan that will then morph into real plans for the Edison St. property.

Where are things now? In early 2017, the Virginia Hospital Center will be seeking the necessary licensing from the State of Virginia with a possible answer in late 2017. They will also be applying for the Site Plan Review with Arlington County. VHC does not have any working building plans at this time, but those will be developed during the Site Plan Review. The Task Force has heard from the Hospital that they will be seeking input from all 3 Neighborhood Associations and the Task Force on those future building plans. The Task Force and VHC will be having a meeting in January 2017 to address the next steps and working with the associations.

I look forward to attending the January Full Body meeting of the John M. Langston Citizens Association to present additional information, next steps, and answer any questions.